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Through Swedish massage is the most widely known type of massage, there are many different modalities that can be used to treat imbalances and conditions of the body. Combining various modalities, Michelle will customize your massage according to your treatment goals in order to beset deliver the maximum benefits of your therapeutic session.

30 Minute Massage $35
60 Minute Massage $60
90 Minute Massage $85
Table Top Thai Massage **Coming Soon!!!**
Sensational Scalp $15
Everyone loves a good scalp massage and it always seems to end way too soon. This upgrade gives you ten minutes of scalp massage using a stimulated blend of Rosemary and Lavender.
Fantastic Feet $10
Want a little extra time spent on those hard working feet? This upgrade gives you an extra ten minutes of heaven using a calmer and soothing blend of lemongrass and peppermint lotion.
The Refresher $15
Prior to the massage, your body will be exfoliated in order to remove extra layers of dead skin cells, leaving yours feeling refreshed and and better able to absorb the lotion applied during the massage. It also aids in the movement of lymph toward the lymph nodes, which are part of the immune system.
Body Lymphatic Treatments
The lymphatic system plays an important role in the immune system, carrying nutrients to the cells and cellular waste away to be filtered by the lymph nodes. By improving lymphatic flow, you will be left with reduced puffiness, glowing skin and skin tightening effects.
Arms  $55
Legs   $75

Body Scrubs                      $50

An invigorating treatment that helps exfoliate the akin and increases circulation, all while leaving the body silky smooth.